In response to what Carlos Celdran said about the Duterte supporters who according to him are delusional, retarded and lazy.

Yes, we are Dutertards! I am one of the ‘retarded’ Mayor Rody Duterte’s supporters. We are getting crazier each day in introducing our leaders to people outside our region and to those people like you who refuse to see an eagle soaring high carrying a new kind of brand because your eyes are blind folded by money.

In your facebook account with 150,000 followers you identify yourself as ‘a simple man who is trying to change the way we look at Manila’, So, how’s Manila Mr.Celdran compared to the city you called as a place for ‘retarded’ people?

In your recent lashing of Duterte followers, you tagged us as ‘delusional and lazy’. Who is more delusional, the people who genuinely walk and fund their own banners and t-shirts just to express support to a leader, or, a celebrated tour guide like you who once upon a time visited Davao, praised Duterte, the food, the streets, the hotels and then all of the sudden in your social media, you tag his supporters mongoloids because you are waving a yellow candidate?

Who is now imprisoned by delusion? The united people pushing a potential leader like Duterte or a person like you who refuse to understand that the people are MAD for Mar Roxas ‘delusional’ acts and pretentious on social media, as kargador, traffic enforcer, construction worker, ice man, fire fighter and Mr. Palengke?

You and your Tuwid na Daan are in delusion. Do you think you can change the way Filipinos vote because big celebrity artists have converged to create  a crappy ‘FAST FORWARD’ station-ID like music video?

Do you really think that we are too stupid enough  to believe that KathNeil and the rest of the FForward stars are free of talent fee? Who is now drowned in delusion?

Lazy. You call all the Duterte supporters as lazy Dutertoids (Duterte+Mongoloid). This is because, again, you refuse to see the numbers of volunteers who came under the scorching heat of the sun just to escort the Mayor in the Comelec. Your ears are covered by the songs of elitism and arrogance so you could not hear the voice of thousands of OFWs who cheer Duterte’s name for President because they believe he can make this country a better place.

You keep on throwing tirades against Duterte using the over used ‘cursing’ and ‘guns’ but what did you do in the convention of catholic priests where you flaunted ‘sh*tness’ to protest? Isn’t it more than a curse word ha Mr. Damaso?

Well, I just want to remind you that Duterte netizens supporters are not stolid, so here’s the reflection of the true YELLOWtard like you. Read his post below.

[sociallocker] carlos celdran

Below is a post dated October 2015, Celdran shared a TV documentary about Davao City and Duterte which according to him ‘a great’ piece. He was sad because Duterte once declared running for Presidency does not appeal to him. On Celdran’s post, he sounded like he likes Duterte. For whatever made him transfer to the yellow backyards,which is obvious, I respect his choice but tagging Duterte supporters as mongloids, lazy and delusional. FUCK YOU TOO Carlos Celdran!


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  1. Isa kalang sa mga bayarang bakla ng noynoy administration. Ang mga taong mabababa ang prinsipyong katulad mo madaling mabili ng pera!!para kang mga artista ng abias cbn. Jim paredes. Flippins. Wala kayong pakialam sa mga naghihirap ang sa inyo magkamal ng salapi na d nyo pinaghirapan. Laht ng supporters ni mayor di binayaran at kanya kanya ng paraan para ikampanya si sya kasi lahat kami naniniwala na mababago ang pilipinas!!! DI KASI KASING BOBO MO NA SUNOD SUNURAN SA MGA TRAPO!#DUTERTE2016

  2. two- faced liar! if you want people to vote for your candidate, come up with a smart argument. you are the lazy one for going the easy route of simply bashing the opposition. i won’t call you a “tard”, it’s an insult to those who do have mental raterdation!!! shame on you!!!

  3. Well Regarding his commentaries about two years ago, pasensya na po kasi mas IMPoRTANTE kasi ang UNderground UTILITY cabling system which is an ongoing plan for davao than beautification DBA?? kaysa naman pagandahin ang pavements plants trees at kung anu-anu pang facelift para kaayaya sa paningin, the City Planning opted to reduce cost by prioritizing the what is important i.e. Undergound utility cabling system. para in the future kung very busy na ang streets sa Davao DILI naxa Hasul sa Commuters kung later na mgkalotkalot DBA, as well as Hazardous sa mga passerby? When everything is already in its proper place, then dra nana mgpagwapo. OKAY?? When You Talk about Continuity, What DID LP or YELLOWTARDS started? how come its not reaching here in Mindanao? Is the Northern Part of the country part of the country, Unsa D I dri, Gatasan lng? BAKA ra D I ang Mindanao?(Just a thought)

  4. Not to discount the fact that Carlos, Pnoy and Me are all PANOTS. Like a sick rat, his hair is getting thin.

    Dorks. (I hate name calling. I just wish he gets a feel of his own self)

  5. Pity this bald meth user palibhasa addict kaya para magkamal ng pera para sa droga didikit sa gungung na kandidatong maraming perang galing sa buwis at pawis ng sambayanan. May panahon para sa yo Carlos Celdran.

  6. Sayang, I admire his zest for culture and history pa naman. You can support a candidate without bashing the other candidates or their supporters. I won’t make patol to his stupid remarks on us because that means stooping down to his level.

  7. All I can is, what the hell is wrong with these people???? They were the first ones to criticize the outgoing administration of being incompetent and now they cheer for the person who would just continue that type of governance???? Are they on drugs or something??? I’m not a Duterte supporter nor any presidential candidate yet, but hell I’m sure that I will not cast my vote for Mar Roxas. Panahon na para maging matalino sa pagboto at hindi pairalin lang kung sino ang sikat. Maawa na po tayo sa ating bansa!

  8. Adik cguro yan,kaya natakot siya na maging president si mayor Duterte ” baka siya ang unang masalang na bibitayin.kung aq sau Celdran manahimik kana lang para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.marami ka daldal hindi mo naman kaya sabihin sa personal.sabihin mo doon kay mayor para malaman mo ang sagot nya sa iyo..pisti ka!!

  9. Where is your vocal chords to shout the you are a delusional and lazy asshole, sucking dick of Boy Disaster. We, OFW not lazy as we earned higher wages than you do speaking lies on foreigners.
    Hey by the way how much money did you get to sold your dignity?

  10. An apple joice does not come from an orange fruit regardless whose squeezing it. Nature speaks here whatever comes out from your mouth imanates from within. We are conscious that during election campaign period we see and experienced the real character of people.Mr Celdran better check what’s happening deep inside your heart, full of rottenness…What aN OBSOLETE SLOGAN???mag level up ka na di na yan oobra sa mga thinking Filipinos…Mag-isip ka naman, tingnan mo supalpal ka tuloy…

  11. siguradong binayaran si celdran nang mga illegal ang business sa pilipinas na ayaw patakbuhin si Duterte bilang presidente at nang mga katunggali ni Duterte sa pagka presidente na insecured.

  12. Its like the previous election where people bandwagoned to vouch for PNoy’s presidency and his “tuwid na daan”. After6years, sya daw ang worst president. Same thing will happen to these dutertards. IM VERY SURE mahigpitan lang ng unti ang mga to they are quick to complain. You are not ready for extreme things kung ang simpleng no littering or no jaywalking ay di kayang sundin.

    And pansin nyu mga ofw mahilig kay duterte. If nag martial law ok lnag sa kanila. wala naman sila sa pilipinas e. Isip isip mga kababayan.


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