Few weeks ago, a celebrated tour guide in Manila Carlos Celdran was in a hot seat after he called the Duterte supporters delusional, lazy and retard. On his facebook, he received countless attack of tasteless words against him.

Celdran, an open supporter of Liberal Party presidential aspirant Mar Roxas has apologized and wanted to stop the cheap arguments between him and Duterte supporters.

Here is his full statement of apology.

Dear Duterte People of the Internet:

I have decided to apologize, full stop. This endless bickering between us has gone on long enough and is helping neither your candidate nor mine as we can see by the telenovela worthy exchange that happened yesterday.

As a matter of fact, we’ve all just wasted a precious week making memes and losing focus.

So please accept my apologies. I am sorry for losing my temper and offending your sensibilities through the use of name calling. I also do realize that word I used, not only hurts Duterte campaigners, but a marginalized sector of society as well.

Hence. I shall not repeat the word here at all.

I only offer a laurel of peace and hope that we can start from scratch. Perhaps from here on, we can discuss real issues in a positive manner. Truth be told, I am an open guy. I really would like to hear more about why you will vote for him aside from his hard hitting image. it would be great if you tell me more about his plan for inclusive mobility (public transportation), the HIV epidemic, and our agreement with the ASEAN integrated economy.

Actually, allow me to start this entire campaign all over again. PERIOD.

From here on, I shall post the election materials and articles of ALL candidates that I deem are relevant or of note. All of them. Of course, I will have a slant towards the Liberal Party but you already know that.

Looking forward to your positive response.

All the best.

What can you say about this apology, Leave your comments below!

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  1. That’s good you realized your mistake and you apologized, unlike your idol Mar Roxas who does not know how to stop his big mouth. I can see you are a good thinker and smarter than him. Why don’t you tell him your wisdom about our country, maybe he can learn from you. You are wasting your time campaigning for him because he doest not have good plan for the country, Philippines.

  2. Kumukuha lng yan ng sympathy para magmukhang xa Yung kawawa pero kayo na maghusga ka-DDS lalo na sa kung sino man mga solid and loyal supporters na nagde-defend Kay DUTERTE na sagupa nya….. My respect is not this man but to all who are willing to give everything just to defend and campaign DUTERTE whatever it takes kasi tulad ko naramdaman niyo rin kung gaano kahirap manirahan sa sariling bayan na ang mga mamamayan ay ginagago ng mga nasa kapangyarihan at ninakawan ng patago ang kaban ng bayan na ang nakikinabang lng ay mga gahaman na mga kababayan natin na naluklok sa kapangyarihan na parang hindi maka-filipino kasi uhaw sa salapi…. Hoy gising kayong mga kurap sa governo kasi malapit na ang oras ng pagtutuos kaya pagdating ng tamang panahon harapin niyo ang hatol ng mga mamamayang Filipino….

  3. SORRY? You did a damned damage by personally hurting us. After insulting us personally you will just say I’m Sorry? You should have soul searched a million times before blurting out those hurting words? You were treated wel and accepted here in Davao City but what did you do just like Judas for 30 silver coins you betrayed us. We dabawenyos are mababaw lang ang kaligayahan but insult us and you will be sorry for that better stay away from Davao City until such time we Dabawenyos will forget what you did or feel sorry for the consequences.

  4. “Mayor Duterte, you can say all you want about politicians but you don’t curse my Pope Francis!
    Secretary Lacierda…Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz refused to dwell on the comments made by Duterte toward the pontiff, but said the mayor’s track record in womanizing and human rights make him unfit to be president. “Papatay siya kung sino ang gusto niya. Mag-aasawa siya kung ilan ang gusto niya. Delikado ‘yan kung talagang alam niya ang sinasabi niya. Nakakatakot,” said Cruz.

  5. Truth Be Told Also…. Not A Single Person Can Stop HIV/AIDS.. it is a person’s choice to have a body contact with/without protection. coz to be honest we filipinos are hypocrite wen it comes to SEX.. we are not open and we are shy.. as a result we became ignorant. and i dont think ur presidential candidate has a plan for this.. as for the ASEAN and public transportation this will be a long year to tackle and plan what is needed to be done… and i personally doubt your presidential candidate can do better.. they have been playing this game for a long period of time.. and since then they cant even provide a positive feedback… so sad that the Government should be “For The People, By The People And To The People”.. Now tell us why your fighting for MAR ROXAS wen he has nothing good to offer but pure CORRUPTION and SHAME to our NATION.. now enlighten us on that.

  6. Carlos… I think you should about what ur future will be obviously due to ur actions, I think you have just shown everybody that u are indeed a stupid ass Iicking moron. To Mr. Josh copon… I understand what you are saying… I do believe that Mr duterte should be careful with what comes out from his mouth but have u ever wondered what Archbishop Oscar Cruz had to say about the priest who molested children??? Did he ever talk to the press and condemned these people??? Now my question is who has committed a bigger sin? The person who cursed at the Pope(Pope is also a human you know) or the priest who have molested a child???? His track record is womanizing and human rights made him unfit to be president??? Ano ba Ang importante para maging presidente??? Is it ur morality or is it your ability to rule, to protect the citizen and to uphold the law? Do you believed that if you saw someone killed another person on CCTV and that person pleaded guilty you will let him go???? Now who is being stupid??? And as you have said you agree with Carlos birds of the sameIf i have feather flock together so I called Carlos a stupid ass licking moron then you automatically say that ur just as stupid as he is???? Wow!!!


  8. It is fine to stand by your choices but to resort to childish name calling and putting down your own country man is just not right. Especially with your line of business Mr. Celdran you are a celebrity of sorts I used to watch your tv spotsand you were genuinely funny and witty. You are entitled to back your candidate but so do we so called “Dutertards.”

  9. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED (forgive, yes). To say the keast, a tourist guide must not have that kind of below the belt ATTITUDE PROBLEM – persona attack. We the #Duterte2016 have been pushing for issues more importantly on political platforms since the beginning. You call that delusion? You fired the shot. We call it. Yes we will continue to embark on issues. The Duterte political platforms of stripping criminals, corrupt officials, illigal drugs, smuggling, failed justice and government system. What about your ninong – amo Roxas what is his political platform? A vague phrase of “Tu…d na Daan”? Where? Is it the 90 BILLION PESOS yolanda housing budget? A 2000 RAW houses out of 290,000 wiped out houses? Ask the Caritas why they were able to build a more beautiful housing than Aquino-Abad-Roxas housing which is 3000 houses with just 330 Million pesos budget. Compare that statistics. (this is just one of the many issues we have laid on the table) Eat that statistics. After that I ask you to respond and realize who are the people you have name called…. GOOGBYE CARLOS CELDRAN. The Philippines is fed up of so many traitors, aren’t you one of them?

  10. apology accepted. let’s raise the level of our arguments not our blood pressure. i am for duterte because i have lived in Davao City and have seen how it grew and still growing leaps and bounds. my point is, “how do you argue with success, success in peace and order, success in improving the economy, success in continuously improving government performing its functions, etc. . .” you should stay for a while in Davao City to see how it differs from other cities/towns. Duterte is not the ” PA-EPAL type. ” Do you see any vehicles, buildings, signages, or even the car-plate type business registration/permit with Duterte’s picture? btw, i felt ashame, too calling you names. my apology.

  11. Ako ang alam ko base sa mga nakkausap ko na mga nanggaling at nakapunta ng davao na safe at progrisibo ang davao kung may krimin man malliit lng di katulad sa metro manila halos kahit saan kkabahan kang maglakad kahit tirik ang araw feeling mo di ka ligtas

  12. Us DU30natics have forgiven you, however you should now know that WE WILL never TRUST YOU AGAIN!.
    Our focus was to show to the nation what Du30 has done to us here in DAVAO. WE never started the BLACK PROPAGANDAS! now if you all think that Filipinos are naive nowadays! then your wrong.. there goes the online resources which allows us to campaign freely and speak freely without hurting anybody. LP’s have hurt Du30 personally when they accused Du30 of having a Cancer of the Throat this has made him not Trust LP’s and secondly he waited for GOD’s sign to Run and now that he’s Running We are campaigning for him willingly and freely. So I believe only Du30 could have that inspiration to unite all people no matter how and what you are, wherever we are we all are united just to capaign Du30 without bashing other candidates. BUT take note We are smarter and better investigators.. we hold the online resources for free and we communicate to other Du30 supporters all throughout the world. Just accept it LP’s ur shaken by our unity without having Du30 paying us or whatsoever.. Du30natics really care about the nation and the future generation and we believe only Du30 can give make this nation peaceful and successful…….

  13. hello guys..i am a dabawenyo also but i have to share to you all my thoughts in this raging issues happening in the country.well for me it matters who we voted our next leader a leader that can truly leads us in a right way but if we do not have personal discipline then our beloved mayor will get a lot of “sumbat” questions like this why until now there is crimes?why why why so many WHY’S sana man lang tayong lahat magkaroon ng sariling disiplina upang ang lahat ay mamuhay ng matiwasay at payapa our mayor cant do it alone and we are just relying on him.WE ALL HAVE TO WORK HARD TOGETHER.a very simple example is this kung ang bata hinayaan mong lumaki na walang disiplina tatanda yan na walang disiplina and if majority in a society walang desiplina what do you think would happen?DISCIPLINE IS A KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUAL OR SOCIETY.

  14. Sighh…..when will you all wake up to your right senses that we should vote and install our next president who represent the entire Philippines. Until now, I see no one representing the entire country. I hear that guy is from Davao, that guy is from Ilocos Norte, that guy guy is from Manila, that guy is from the elite group…..!!! Where is the real guy from the Philippines?


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