In boxing, there is an unwritten rule which says that if a boxer is well ahead on points, he should stay clear of the haymakers and the headbutts.

“Don’t fight his fight,” cornermen would shout at their boxers when they sense that they are falling into a trap being set up by a losing fighter.

Administration presidential bet Manuel Roxas III is like a badly battered boxer who is way behind on points in the first six rounds of a championship fight.

Every time he attempts to launch an attack, he gets knocked down.

First serious knockdown was when Roxas’ public relations strategists tried to imitate the very successful and super hit compositions of volunteer singers supporting Duterte, like the famous “Takbo” of Jimmy Bondoc, Luke Mijares and their band members.

Roxas’ promotions group produced “Fast Forward,” a musical promo set in a posh suburban area which starred famous singers and movie stars.

When posted in the social media, the musical ad earned more “Dislikes” than “Likes.”

Worse, three of its main performers were found to be American citizens who could not even vote for Roxas.

Second knockdown came when Roxas, maybe out of envy at the popularity of Duterte, said that Davao City’s reputation of being a safe city is just a myth and that it had the 4th highest crime rate in the country.

It was a funny knockdown actually because it was Roxas’ own roundhouse punch which hit him smack in the kisser.

Duterte’s defenders pointed out that the Philippine National Police under Roxas actually awarded the Davao City the Hall of Famer honour for consistently winning the Most Outstanding Police Office award.

Hopelessly behind on points, Roxas is now resorting to taunting Duterte, throwing low blows and attempting to bring the leading presidential bet to the ground.

He did this with the two other Presidential candidates – Vice President Jejomar Binay who was floored with allegations of massive corruption and Senator Grace Poe who was knocked out because of citizenship and residency issues.

Now, the Roxas corner would like get Duterte thrown out of the boxing ring by publicly endorsing the investigation by the Human Rights Commission, the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation of Duterte’s alleged human rights violations as mayor of Davao City.

The worse thing that Duterte and his camp could do now is fall for the trap being laid down by Roxas and his group.

Instead of focusing on issues which affect the lives of the over 100 Filipinos, Roxas and his group would like the Duterte camp to engage them in a name-calling fight.

It is their way of getting the leading presidential candidate off the track and out of tempo.

What Duterte should do is to just play his game, fight his fight.

He should just show his skills and talent to prove to the Filipino that he deserves to lead the country.

There is no need to attack Roxas or to even discredit him. He is doing it himself.

There is no way Roxas could win this fight unless he delivers a low blow, headbutts and drags Duterte to the ground.



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