The Commission on Election’s website has been hacked by a worldwide organized hackers group called ‘Anonymous Philippines’. On their facebook page, the hackers posted a screenshot of a hacked website of the COMELEC.

AnonPh left a strong message regarding the incoming national election reminding the agency to be responsible in implementing the security features on the PCOS machines.

Here’s the complete message written on the hacked Comelec website.

Greetings Philippines! We are Anonymous.

The Constitution so asserts that “Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” One of the processes by which people exercise their sovereignty is through voting in an election- where people choose the candidates who will best represent them, who will serve them under the principle that “Public office is a public trust.” But what happens when the electoral process is so mired with questions and controversies? Can the government still guarantee that the sovereignty of the people is upheld?

We request the implementation of the security features on the PCOS machines.

Commission on Elections, We are watching!

We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget.


As of this writing, the site has been taken down by the administrator.

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  1. Commission onElections must be vigilant enough to ensure election 2016 will be done properly. Some sectoral groups have given warnings if rampant cheating in this election happen will lead to a revolution

  2. malaking problema ‘to if ever, this will lead to chaos and turmoil in the country, kaya ang comelec be strickly non partisan do not side to any candidate at ‘wag kayong masilaw sa pera kailangan natin ang tapat , malinis ninyong serbisyo para sa tagumpay at katahimikan ng ating nalalapit na halalan.


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