Former Marines Captain Nicanor Faeldon and Navy Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes have many things in common.

Both were young and idealistic officers, both were members of the rebel soldiers’ group Magdalo which staged the failed 2003 coup in the infamous Oakwood Mutiny and both were detained together for years.

Recently, however, Faeldon, who remained as vigilant in his advocacies against corruption and government inaction as he was when he joined the Oakwood Mutiny, drew the line between him and his former fellow mutineer and now Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Faeldon has publicly accused Trillanes of treason for his role in the loss of the Scarborough Shoal to China and of corruption for receiving money from political families tainted with issues of corruption.

He also said that the relentless attack being waged by Trillanes against leading presidential candidate Rody Duterte could be part of an operation funded by political groups out to derail the Davao City Mayor’s candidacy.

In a press conference yesterday, Faeldon asked Trillanes to explain his numerous trips to China shortly before Panatag or the Scarborough Shoal was controlled by the Chinese in 2012.

He also repeated his claim that Trillanes solicited and received money from Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos which was delivered to Trillanes while they were detained at the ISAFP detention cell in 2004.

“I was about to go to Scarborough and stay there with a lot of fishermen in 2012. I am also challenging you Mr. President, you called me up twice and stopped that voyage. Eh anong nangyari sa Scarborough? That is May of 2012. That is because of you, Sonny, ” a news report which appeared in the Philippine Star today quoted Faeldon as saying.

Here is the Philippine Star report:

“Faeldon then detailed his conversation with President Benigno Aquino III.

“He claimed that the President told him that Trillanes whom was referred to as “Sonny” was talking to China. He initially thought Aquino was referring to Speaker Feliciano Belmonte. Both Trillanes and Belmonte are also called Sonny.

“Hindi ko alam na eksperto na si Sonny [Trillanes] at that time in 2012 sa foreign policy. I was clueless na it was Sonny Trillanes that the President was referring to,” he said.

“Faeldon said that after the call, he did not push through with the initial plan.

“But Trillanes and Aquino never reported what happened after, he pointed out.

“We lost Scarborough in August 2012 to China… I never heard you Mr. President and Sonny talk about these issues in China,” he said.

“Mr. President and Sonny Trillanes stopped us from defending our territory. What happened? You did not give us a report of that backdoor channelling. He went to Beijing 16 times! Sonny, explain this to the people,” he said.

Yesterday, after Trillanes issued a statement denying his allegations, Faeldon, who has publicly declared his support for the presidential bid of Duterte, challenged his fellow mutineer to a face off to determine who is telling the truth.

“You are saying I’m lying? I dare you to meet me in a face-off and you tell me straight to my face that I am lying,” Faeldon challenged Trillanes.

Faeldon said he is willing to meet Trillanes in a face off anytime and anywhere.

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