Robert Hall, a Canadian who is among the 4 kidnap victims in Samal last September 2015 was beheaded last June 12, Monday after no one gave the terrorist group the ransom amounting to P600 million.

Abu Sayyaf, an ISIS sympathizers, has been operating in Sulu and Basilan for decades now. Their modus is to kidnap foreigners for ransom. In the video they released, Hall was wearing orange the same with the beheading victims of the international terrorist group Islamic State.

The government has declared an all out war against the terrorist group. Outgoing President Benigno Aquino III went to Sulu and delivered speech before the deployment of the military forces of the country.

Currently, according to the Commander in Chief, he considers declaring Martial Law now in Sulu.

Watch the actual beheading of the Canadian national Robert Hall. Viewer’s discretion is advised.
WARNING: Graphic material.

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