Vice President Leni Robredo took the stage of the University of Los Baños for a speaking engagement. One of the students challenged Robredo on how she is going to end drug problems in the country.

Leni suggested that the government should follow Portugal’s ‘triumphant war on drugs’.

So, how is she going to fight the drug problem?

By copying the Portugal’s decriminalizing drug use in 2001, Leni believes it can solve the war that Duterte is waging against drugs. Leni said that instead of killing or sending drug addicts to jail for life, why not send them to experts for therapy.

Will decriminalizing the drug use effective in a third-world country like the Philippines? A country where politicians are behind the massive drug distribution? Will this act end drugs in a country where a senator, like Leila de Lima, controls drug lords? A country that was raped and abused by the yellow government for years? A justice system that is controlled by individuals who are unjust and have links to drug traders?

We don’t think so.

Philippines is now under an overhaul. A stage where criminals are uncontrollable. Police, politicians, businessmen and wealthy influential people are linked to drug trading. How are we going to stop by just sending these people to therapy?
Drug pushers found an opportunity to escape poverty ( a national issue that past governments failed to solve because of corruption). How are we going to implement that one in a progressive country like Portugal? An European country with a more stable justice system and ruled by more disciplined leaders than of in the Philippines?

Duterte’s war isn’t perfect. It is something that PNP Chief Bato and Duterte’s alter egos need to perfectly implement. What we felt now is a transition from the oligarch ruled country to a stronger Philippines with a mission to wipe out corruption and drugs.

Leni, together with some bishops, wanted to give second chance to the criminals who raped and killed their children as young as 2 years old.

The only thing that bothers me is how Leni Robredo blatantly wanted to destabilize Duterte. Decriminalize the drug use in the Philippines? Funniest joke ever.

Is drug trading a problem only occurred under Duterte? It has been destroying the Filipinos but Noynoy Aquino, Leni’s political god, couldn’t even manage to clean up the Bilibid and instead made it a haven for drug lords.

Never again.

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