A Clash Between Dutertards and Dilawans. Find Out Who Won!



8 Filipinos with differing beliefs sit at a table and clearly find themselves in a heated argument about how the country should be run.

One of them says “Pnoy was the worst president ever! He could have…He should have…”
Another one jumps to his feet and says”NO! NO! This country today, under this administration is disgusting. We are doomed. His policy towards this and that is going to bring us all to the gates of hell.”

“ Ganito kasi yan, eh.”

“No! No! listen!”


“Ay bobo nang puta! Ayaw makinig!!”

“I cannot believe how stupid you are to not see my point. You… And you… And you, too are hopeless.”

During all these nonstop sucker punching and hurling expletives at each other, a very intelligent Muslim student walks up to them and says

“Excuse me. I was just standing there and heard everything. I gotta say
You guys, sounded like the ones in the blind men and the elephant.”
There is silence, they look at each other. Confused.

“Ok, Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them, “Hey, there is an elephant in the village today.”

They had no idea what an elephant was. They decided, “Even though we would not be able to see it, let us go and feel it anyway.” All of them went where the elephant was. Everyone of them touched the elephant.

They began to argue about the elephant and every one of them insisted that he was right. It looked like they were getting agitated. Each one of them told what he thought the elephant was like. The reason every one of them was telling it differently because each one of them touched the different part of the elephant.”
“So.. are you saying we shouldn’t argue?”

“No, what I’m saying is you shouldn’t readily dismiss what others have to say and assume they are completely in the wrong.”

“Our sensory perceptions and life experiences can lead to limited access and overreaching misinterpretations. How can a person with a limited touch of truth turn that into the one and only version of all reality?
So, if we are a one nation built on diversity, shouldn’t this drive us to open our eyes wider and seek every opportunity to discuss and gain better understanding of each point of view?”
Again, there is silence.

The student takes a deep breath and then finally says,

“Here, why don’t I leave you guys with this.” Places the guitar case on the table and walks off
One guy grabs the guitar case, pulls out the musical instrument, and starts to sing “Pagsubok” from Orient Pearl

And the Filipinos spend the rest of the night laughing and throwing around arms hugging each other. Just being Filipinos.

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