How to keep a man.

1. Do not keep on repeating things that already happened in the past. He has learned from them. He has become mature. Don’t bring up issues in the past.

2. Surprise him. It is not only boys who need to have efforts to make the relationship work. Girls should do the same.

3. Understand him that he is not perfect. He gets tired. He gets stressed. He gets pissed off. He has lapses but he is trying his best.

4. Lower your pride as well. It is not always all the time that he needs to adjust with you. You do your part as well to make the relationship work.

5. Understand that boys will have time for their friends as well. Do not guard him or do not be too strict when he plans to go out with friends. Give him your trust and everything shall follow.

6. Ask him on how his day went. You can give him a massage and make him feel that it was just a bad day and it gets better.

7. Make sure that you are loyal to him and you are not playing with any other teams.

8. Cook him tasty food to really win his heart.

9. Appreciate his efforts every day.

10. Make him a priority.

Boys have needs like girls do. There will never be a perfect guy, but one thing is for sure, not all boys are the same. It is too lame to generalise. You just love the wrong guy. Do not love a fuck boy so you would not cry over it on social media. Choose wisely! | BY NEIL JADE CASTRO


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